• Retiring in Pattaya Thailand

    Fulfilment, well-being and love are always values that everyone looks to achieve in life. We can benefit from the individual fulfilment in various countries so one needs to decide what is the main thing they seek from their retirement.

    The ages of retirement varies from nation to nation and people need to find courage to uproot from their homeland and begin their new life in a paradisal place such as Pattaya, Thailand. There are a plethora of choices for those people who still desire to live abroad, however, the key elements in making the right decision are the average cost of living and the weather.

    Retiring in Pattaya, Thailand is a great option because of many factors. With a fast developing infrastructure and an international airport that is around 90 minutes away as well as a great choice of residential developments to choose from, you can easily make Pattaya your home.

    Whether you desire to be in the heart of the city with everything at your fingertips, or in the east part of Pattaya and Jomtien, there is certain to be a property to suit your needs. Pattaya has it all, besides the sun and the beach, there are shopping malls, supermarkets with a wide range of international food, hospitals, tourist attractions, fine dining and night-life.

    Many have underestimated the richness and quality of life that is possible in Thailand.

     Some may even think that it is a poor country. However, this is not the case. If you choose to retire in Pattaya  Thailand, you will be able to see your dreams come true and the benefits of living here.

     Thailand is a health haven with medical practitioners and plastic surgeons that have been internationally trained.  There are international hospitals that are ready to look after your well-being and many ex-pats are coming to Thailand  to experience surgery and medical procedures of all kinds, yet with much more affordability. 

     Thailand is a country of various unmistakable qualities that are suitable for making everyone feel at home. Shopping  malls and retail outlets boasting brand name stores are within your grasp. Eateries with menus to satisfy all  nationalities, yet most people love the aroma and flavour of authentic Thai food.

     With a vast number of restaurants and street vendors, Thai food is abundant as well as nutritious and at a very low  price. Cafes, restaurants and bistros have sprung up everywhere throughout Pattaya City and Jomtien, so whatever  your taste buds desire, Pattaya has it all. Multi-storey shopping malls are plentiful and cater for the most scrupulous  of buyers. Most local shops and retail stores are open until late so there is quite enough time to go relax on the beach  then do your shopping late evening.

    The climate in Thailand is tropical, apart from the rainy season, you will get mostly sunny weather. The local Thai people are somewhat friendly and always greet you with a smile.

    Of course, there are other countries that compete with Thailand for a place to go to enjoy your retirement, yet for general security, relaxation, warm weather and living standards Thailand checks all the boxes.

    Thailand is the place where you money goes a lot further. You may enjoy the comforts of a leisurely lifestyle in a country where the average cost of living is cheaper than back home. There are inexpensive commodities such as property, food, gasoline, dining out, entertainment plus much more.

    If you are considering your future retirement abroad, then Pattaya Thailand is a place you should give some serious thought. Coastal Real Estate Pattaya can help you to find your dream home and start a new adventure in a tropical paradise.