• Jomtien Beach Revamp

    Jomtien Beach is approximately 6 km of sandy beach located about 2 km from South Pattaya and 4 km from Pattaya City. It has been a popular place for those who enjoy tranquillity and would like to escape from the hustle and bustle of the entertainment area.

    Despite the fact that property development of high-rise condo, hotels and resorts is increasing in this area, Jomtien Beach is still peaceful and remains favourable among the locals, people living in Bangkok, family travellers and retired expats.

    lively activities on jomtien beach under the blue sky

     Its sandy beach is lined with tropical trees which provide shade for those who don’t wish to bask in the sun.  There are restaurants and cafes along the beach for visitors to enjoy fresh seafood and drinks while relaxing by  the sea. Leisure activities and water sports are in abundance, such as banana boat rides, para-sailing, jet-skis and windsurfing.

     In the past, the footpaths along the seafront have depreciated from erosion and flooding during the rainy season. This caused the area to be quite uneven as  well as not very attractive for tourists. However, a makeover with no expense spared is now in progress at the popular tourist hotspot. Work started at the  beginning of April this year (2015) and is expected to continue through March 2017. Nong Nooch Landscape & Garden Design Co Ltd have been contracted to  undertake the work and so far, it looks very promising. The project will be divided into four stages running from Dongtan Beach to Na Jomtien.

     Despite the ongoing constructions, there are still many visitors to the area and the beach continues to maintain its popularity  among tourists and Thai people alike. The improvement of the region can only help to make Jomtien an even more desirable place to live than it is  already. Coastal Real Estate will revisit in a few months’ time to check on the progress.