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    Tipayasuda Budsarakham (Thip)

    Sales/Senior Admin



    Tipayasuda Budsarakham, you can call her Thip, is from Sakeao province. Thip graduated from Sukhothai Commercial College with a two-year diploma in English and Hotel Management. She also has a Bachelors Degree in Management from VRU University. After graduation Thip came to Pattaya and found employment as a front office manager. After that she took a job with a condo project in Jomtien, thus starting her career in real estate. While employed with the condo project she met Tarm from Coastal Real Estate and after hearing about the company she decided to apply for a position.. Thip joined Coastal Real Estate in April of 2013 and has excelled at her job. Although her official title is Administrative Assistant, she is actively involved in sales and works closely with owners who have their properties listed with Coastal. Thip says she has learned a lot about sales and working with clients from Kevin and is working hard to build a client list of her own. To quote Thip, "I have a very good time with the company. I enjoy getting up in the mornings and going to the office. You can do anything if you open your mind to learn it and are happy at what you do."